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If you have been approached by someone discussing the value of, or interest in, purchasing your tower, rooftop or leases, we can almost GUARANTEE we will put more money in your pocket, net of any commission. 

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Cell tower values are currently at historical highs, thanks to the exploding wireless and digital markets. The sale of even one cell tower can net millions of dollars, depending on the location, capacity and many other factors. Perhaps one of the most important factors determining the value of a cell tower asset is the broker you partner with to sell it. The experienced cell tower broker at Tower Advisors, LLC works aggressively to obtain maximum value by creating the right marketing strategy and executing it with skill and savvy. Historically, we have achieved 10 or 40 percent more value than many competitors and tower owners on their own have been able to obtain. And, our cell tower consultants make the sales process easy on tower owners by providing honest, accurate information and helping you make informed decisions every step of the way. Our results speak for themselves, with many testimonials from satisfied clients.cell tower broker

Tower owners trust us to handle everything from beginning to end

At Tower Advisors, we work with tower owners of all sizes across the U.S. We have a long history of success building relationships with developers and institutions who have dozens of towers, as well as small, family-owned operators who have only one tower. Our approach to working with every client is the same – we are committed to superior results and exceptional service.

Our cell tower consultants take pride in helping tower owners understand the best way to maximize the value of their tower. We will discuss whether it is better to sell the land with the tower in order to maximize the purchase price or, in some other situations, take a little less on the sale price to get future earnings on leasing the land. Our expert broker handles nearly every aspect of the deal, including gathering pertinent data, obtaining NDA’s, packaging and presenting the opportunity to qualified buyers, negotiating, discussing purchase documents and almost completely managing the comprehensive due diligence process.

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Steve Ouzts, cell tower broker, is the experienced professional you want on your side. He won’t stop working until the value of your assets are maximized. Call us today at (855) 634-6345 to schedule a free consultation, or use our online form. We work with tower owners throughout the United States and can come to your location upon request.