Lease Owners

Reputable Cell Tower Brokers Help You Understand the Value of Your Tower or Ground Leases

Cell tower space lease values, like towers, are at historical highs

There are situations in which a tower owner desires to sell or otherwise monetize the leases instead of selling the tower. Like tower values, these values are at all time highs. If you have a desire to maintain title to the tower, but pull out some of the cash value, selling the some or all of the leases could be a solution. There are many issues regarding this type of transaction and the skilled cell tower broker at Tower Advisors, LLC helps you understand these issues and compare it to other options. Providing you the honest, accurate information you need to make good decisions is always our priority.cell tower brokers

Cell tower ground lease rates, property easements and property size can affect the value of your ground leases

Many landlords are approached by tower owners and lease buyout firms regarding the sale of their ground leases. There are multiple factors to consider when selling a ground lease and only a 3rd party advocate like Tower Advisors, LLC, representing you, will give you the unbiased information you need. Anyone else that discusses ground lease buyouts will have an agenda. These transactions can be difficult as a ground owner and tower owner would like to maintain good relations. A broker, in between, has the expertise and experience to navigate the potential issues and get a deal done that maximizes the amount of money that you put in your pocket. We will also discuss other potential transaction structures that will benefit you and the tower owner.

Ground owners under new towers

If someone has approached you about constructing a tower on your property, please call Tower Advisors, LLC.  We discuss with you the best options for your lease terms and the issues surrounding  your, essentially, becoming a landlord with a tower (owner) as your tenant. Maximizing the amount of money you receive is what our discussion will be centered on – whether discussing possible lease terms, property sales, perpetual easements or many other related issues. Rely on our knowledge and expertise to help you calculate optimum land lease rates that will strike a balance between the buyer’s interests and your own. We help you determine which of these is the best option to meet your goals for the land and the value of your assets.

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If you have been approached by someone discussing the value of, or interest in, purchasing your tower, rooftop or leases, we can almost GUARANTEE we will put more money in your pocket, net of any commission. Please call to discuss. We do not get paid anything until you close a transaction and are paid. If we can’t get you more money, we’ll tell you.